Archived - till 2022

Breeding Success with Rio Pasimoni altum Offspring F1 in an age of 15 month schow great red and wonderful fin
The Offspring is available from Begin of November 22
Rio Manacapuru Redback Scalar super red 12 Week .
Offspring available from September 22
Breeding success with Rio Pasimoni altum Wildcaught
Offspring available from Mid of October 22.
Breeding success with Rio Inirida altum Wildcaught
Offspring available from  End of September '22
  Various Variants of Pt. altum from my Breed for compare.
 IMG 20220430 WA0003  IMG 20220706 WA0011
 Novelty Rio Vichada altum Wildcaught approximately 12 month old.
IMG 20220706 WA0010 IMG 20220430 WA0003
Rio Atabapo altum Wildcaught approximately 12 month old
IMG 20220706 WA0008 IMG 20220707 WA0003 
Rio Pasimoni altum Wildcaught approximately 3 years old
IMG 20220706 WA0007 IMG 20220706 WA0006
Rio Pasimoni altum Offspring F1 Wildcaught approximately 13 month old
IMG 20220706 WA0005 IMG 20220706 WA0004
Rio Inirida altum Wildcaught approximately 3 years old
IMG 20220706 WA0003 IMG 20220706 WA0001
Rio Orinoco altum red Offspring approximately 2 years old
IMG 20220430 WA0003 IMG 20220706 WA0003
Rio Orinoco altum OffspringF1 approximately 17 month old
Breeding success with Rio Orinoco altum Offspring F1
Young breeding couple 15 month old. Offspring available from End of September 22.
Rio Orinoco altum red Offspring 20 month old
IMG 20220430 WA0003k

This new beautiful Altum variety is a cross between Rio Orinoco altum and Rio Atabapo altum red.
Such a crossing is only possible with real Altums according to my experience and knowledge.

Novelty Rio Vichada altum wild caught imported from Colombia December 2021
IMG 20220410 WA0003k
These beautiful altums show a tall body shape and really red patches on the head and back
Rio Atabapo altum Wildcaught approx 9 month old
Rio Manacapuru Redback Skalar super red 12 month old
New in the breeding facility Rio Atabapo altum Wild caught import from Colombia December 2021
IMG 20220101 WA0006k
 These animals are needed for breeding and are not for sale
Exklusive with Simon Forkel Rio Pasimoni altum
IMG 20211202 WA0009k
Rio Pasimoni altum Offspring in an age of 6 month optimal grown
Rio orinoco altum Offspring F1
IMG 20211122 WA0010k
In an age of 9 month optimal grown
Rio pasimoni altum Wildcaught
Breeding aninmals apx.2.5 years old
For Comparing Altum Wildcaught and Offspring
IMG 20210702 WA0002k
Rio Orinoco Altum red Offspring 1 year old
Latest Altum Skalare Special Video from Holger Herzog - Dukes Aquaristic experiments
Breeding success with Rio orinoco red altum with natural Brood care
4 weeks after spawn with perfect brood care
Breeding success with Pt altum Rio orinoco red
Offspring available from End of July 2021 with 10cm in height
Rio orinoco altum red Offspring F1 and Rio orinoco altum NZ  F1
center in Video Rio orinoco red in compare to Rio orinoco altum on the right side
Exclusive from Simon Forkel breeding success. Pt altum Rio Pasimoni Wildaught from Venezuela.
IMG 20210428 WA0002k
The Altums were first discovered, described and photographed by Heiko Bleher in February 2019. They show a beautiful tall body shape and a strong nasal kink as well as a lot of red. Really wonderful altums. Offspring are expected to be available from mid-July.
 Rio Pasimoni altum Wildcaught from Venezuela and Santa Isabel skalare Offspring F1
 Santa Isabel Skalare 8cm in hight - available again from End of Mai 2021
Pt.altum Wildcaught Rio Pasimoni Venezuela
Breeding Couple set for breeding
Rio manacapuru skalare Super red
Offspring available with 8cm in height from April 2021
 Breedingsuccess with Santa Isabel skalare
The offspring are expected to be ready for delivery from mid-April
Breeding success with Rio orinoco NZ F1. These offspring have already reached a wingspan of 35 cm at just under 18 months old
Delivery of the offspring with 10cm from mid-March
Rio orinoco altum red Offspring
IMG 20200929 WA0003k
Delivery of the offspring with 10cm high from mid-October and mid-November
 Pt. altum Pasimony Wildfänge
These Altum are absolute dream animals with strong noses and red parts in the head area
Rio inirida altum Wildcaught
 Imported from Columbia
 Rio inirida altum NZ F1 from my breeding at the age of 2 years
IMG 20200523 WA0002k
Submission of offspring with 10cm from the end of July
Recent breeding success with Pt.altum Rio inirida Offspring F1
Available Offspring with 10cm in height from End of July
New Pt.altum Wildcaught Pasimony
Those Wildcaught are not for sale, they are only for breeding
 Rio manacapuru Super red
The offspring with 10 weeks 8cm high are expected to be available from the end of April
Breeding success at Rio manacapuru - Redback Skalare - Super red
IMG 20200120 WA0000k
The Offspring is available from Mid of April