For many years I have been studying the breed of the "Hohe Segelflossler" Pt. altum.

It is a real Altum from the Rio Atabapo / Rio Inirida and the tributaries of the upper Rio Orinoco.
Fish and photos by Simon Forkel -> please call or send an  E-Mail.

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Rio Atabapo altum Offspring F1 1st day Larvae swim up nicely.
Breeding success with Rio Atabapo altum Wildcaught those animals are three years old and very rare to get.
Rio Atabapo altum Wildcaught Clutch shortly after the larvae hatch. Delivery of the offspring from the end of September 24th.
Rio manacapuru Red-backed angelfish super red NZ F2 at the age of 9 months. Offspring available from June / August 24
Novelty Rio Orinoco altum New at the age of 11 months 30cm wingspan
My Rio Orinoco altum NEW in an age of 6 Month - with optimal treating and breeding in the beautiful show tank of Jochen Todea.
New Rio Orinoco altum Offspring from the cross between Rio Orinoco altum red and Rio Orinoco altum at the age of only 6 months Exclusively from Simon Forkel.
These are my Altum variants in the breeding program:
IMG 20240129 WA0003k IMG 20240129 WA0005k
Rio Atabapo altum - Wildcaught approximately 2.5 years old Rio Orinoco altum red Offspring F1 - 18 month old
IMG 20240129 WA0004k IMG 20240130 WA0002k
Rio Pasimoni altum NZ F1 - 18 month Rio Vichada altum Wildcaught -  approximately 3 years old - Neuheit
IMG 20240130 WA0003k IMG 20240130 WA0001k
Rio Inirida altum Offspring F1 18 month old Rio Orinoco altum Offspring F1 - 18 month old
Rio Inirida altum Offspring F1 17 month old 34 cm wingspan has grown optimally
Rio Orinoco altum red NZ in an age of 6 weeks and 9 weeks for comparison.
Rio Inirida altum Offspring F1 breeding couple - 16 month old
For compare Rio Atabapo altum Wildcaught breeding couple apprx. 2.5 years old left and Rio Orinoco altum red offspring only 15 Month old an the right site.
This variant Rio Orinoco altum red is in turn a new variant because again a Rio Atabapo wild caught altum female was crossed, previously Rio Orinoco altum male was crossed with Rio Atabapo altum red female. These Altums show a beautiful bend in the nose with a lot of red in the head area and already have a wingspan of 32 cm at just 15 months. Such a crossing is only possible under real Altums. Exclusive to Simon Forkel 
Breeding Success with Rio orinoco altum red Offspring F1 - young breeding couple with only 12 month old
Rio Vichada altum Wildcaught - approximatly 2 years old breeding couple
Rio Orinoco altum red Offspring F1 10 month old
Rio pasimoni alum Offspring F1 10 month old
Breeding success with Rio manacapuru red back scalar super red - the offspring is available from now and beginning of August
Rio Inirida altum Offspring F1 with an age of 10 month optimal grown
Rio manacapuru Redback Scalar super red in the show tank with Geophagus brachy branchus and natural brood care
Rio orinoco altum red Offspring 38cm heigh with an age of 3 years
 IMG 20221230 WA0006k
Different altum variants from my breed in a show tank of Bernhard Wunsch
Rio orinoco altum red Offspring from the interbreed Orinoco altum red and Atabapo altum Wildcaught.
Exclusive at Simon Forkel
Breeding success with Rio orinoco altum red
 The male animal is an Orinoco altum red with very long fins and the female animal is an  Atabapo altum Wildcaught. Those Offsprings are from the interbreed wich is only possible with real Altums and they are very beautiful.
A very nice Video about my variety of different Altums from aquaddicted
Thanks to Kevin and Andre
Rio Vichada altum Wildcaught
Thoose Altums shows a lot of red Dots and are a perfect dream
Rio manacapuru redback scalar super red in diffrent ages
Rio orinoco altum red offspring 16 weeks old
Rio inirida altum offspring F1 20 weeks old
Rio Pasimoni altum Offspring F1
Thoose altum offsprings are 14 Weeks old and optimal grown
Rio inirida altum Offspring F1 4 month old
Rio Orinoco altum red Offspring F2 3 month old
Rio Pasimoni altum Offspring F1 3 month old
IMG 20221007 WA0005
IMG 20221007 WA0008
 Video from Kevin and Andre from aquaddicted abaout my Rio manacapuru Redbackscalar super red :)