About me

My person:
I am 58 years old and have been an aquarium player since I was 10 years old. Starting with a 50l-Aq., Then followed a 70l, a 250l until today a 1350l Aq. in my zuchtraum stands. My breeding started as a youth with live-bred, followed by labyrinth fish. At the beginning of the 90s Apistogramma species and catfish followed, until I came to my favorite fish, the scalars, especially the wild ones. Through my hobby of Apistogramma species and Pterophyllum species, I changed from hobby to work. Today I am an abbot of aquarists in a big pet shop. By winning the Skalar-Championate 2006 in Prague I built my breeding. By the way I still care Kois in my 25.000l garden pond.