In this issue a nice breeding report about Santa Isabel Skalare appears
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Order at Worth it.
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Issue April, May of AF Tetra Verlag with a beautiful report on the natural rearing of Pt.altum by Georg Wüst
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Current issue of AF Tetra Verlag with a nice report on the Rio inirida with underwater photographs of Pt.altum available at
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In this issue you will find a breeding report with great photos about P.altum, the optimal breeding and the different site variants and much more about P.altum and P.scalar. The booklet will be published in early December and is also available on It is worth it !
aqua fach
In this issue you will find a report about my breeding with beautiful photos.
Altum Angels Posterk
New Altum book by Horst Linke with very nice shots of Altum wild catches and much more as well as presentation of Altum breeders.
If interested, please contact Horst Linke e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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The flyer shows a Pt. scalar Guyana red spotted -
these beautiful scalars are currently available from me.

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In this issue you will find a breeding report about mine Santa Isabel Skalare WF


discus live

Here is a report in the current discus
-Live about my breed with nice photos

In this edition (German / English version) you'll find a detailed breeding report about my Pt. altum!

In the issue aquaristik 05 a report about my breeding of Orinoco Altums with great photos; available from Dähne-Verlag
In the current Discus live you will find a report about my Pt. altum and their location variants with description.
 Ein Bericht über meine Altumzucht von Rainer Stawikowski, der mich mit Prof. Rolf Geisler besuchte.
A report about my old breed of Rainer Stawikowski, who visited me with Prof. Rolf Geisler.
act. Report with great photos of my Pt. altum breed! Rio Atabapo WF Altum!

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This edition includes an interesting photography by Horst Linke
the breed of Pt.scalar Guyana redspotted, as well as a recent report
about my scalar breeding.