Rio inirida altum Offspring F1 at the age of 2 years from my breeding
IMG 20191116 WA0006k
Rio orinoco altum Dream couple with 40-45cm span
Delivery of the offspring with 10cm in November, December and January.
Rio orinoco altum 2,5 years old
IMG 20191110 WA0004k
Exclusive from Simon Forkel - Rio Orinoco red altum
IMG 20191020 WA0007k
At the age of 15 months delivery of the offspring with 10cm high from the end of November and the end of December
IMG 20190908 WA0002 k
Rio orinoco
New Breed Rio orinoco red
IMG 20190714 WA0001a
In an age of 11 Month
 Santa Isabel Offspring F1 and Geophagus sveni Offspring F1
There will be offsprings from mid-May
 Currently in October and November for distribution Rio orinoco altum red
 IMG 20181124 WA0001 k
New breeding from Rio orinoco awarded with Rio atabapo red

Absolute new breed!
  Pt. Altum Rio Orinoco NZ with Pt. alto Rio Atabapo red NZ crossed

IMG 20180812 WA0004k IMG 20180812 WA0005k
IMG 20180812 WA0003k IMG 20180812 WA0002k

It is a cross between Orinoco and Atabapo red Altum. The male animal is Rio Orinoco, the female animal is Rio Atabapo red. Such a crossing is only possible under Pterophyllum altum and not, according to my findings, Pt. altum with Pt. scalar. I do not have any information or images that have ever shown a spawning process.

Such an intersection would never be mine, intention.

I hope from this new altum crossing very large animals with a lot of red in the head area.

The offspring are expected to be available from mid-October!

Currently new breeding Pt.altum Orinocco with Atabapo red

Pt.altum Rio atabapo red

Exclusively at Skalarezucht Pt.altum Rio atabapo red NZ for breeding set:
Image00001a Image00002a
This Pt. altum WF from the Rio Atabapo was from Venezuela
imported, these animals show a lot of red in the head and back area and are
absolute exceptional animals.
Even the F1 NZ of the Rio Atabapo red show this
Rotanteile, here it concerns a half-grown animal. More photos are
to be seen under Pt. alto Rio Atabapo WF, as well as a video of the
Spawning process of this extraordinary altum.

Pt. scalar Rio Manacapuru

Breeding success at Pt. scalar Rio Manacapuru
IMG 4478k

They are real redback scalars of a pure strain! 

From mid-September, young offspring with 10 cm will be available again

Redback Manacapuru spawning

Pt.altum Rio inirida NZ F1

IMG 20180121 WA0002k
 IMG 20180121 WA0003k
These altums NZ come from my kennel and swim in the show tank of Timo Kraus
 IMG 20181111 WA0001k IMG 20181111 WA0000 k
Rio inirida altum f1 grew optimally at the age of 14 months
IMG 20190105 WA0000 k IMG 20190105 WA0001 k
Rio inirida altum f1 16 month old

Pt. altum Rio Inirida WF

Current breeding success at Pt. altum Rio Inirida WF
IMG 0495k IMG 0503k
Pt.altum Rio Inirida Offspring F1 at the age of 16 weeks - The animals show a very nice slim and tall body shape as well as long fins.
IMG 0494k IMG 0481k
Pt. Altum Rio Inirida WF, male animal, 2 ½ years old Pt. Altum Rio Inirida WF, female animal, 2 ½ years old
IMG 9972k IMG 9947k
IMG 9944k IMG 9943k
 IMG 0086k IMG 0121k
Day 1: Floating of the larvae
The animals were imported from Colombia and are about two years old. Delivery of the offspring with 10 cm height is expected from the middle of October 2017
Pt.altum Rio inirida Wild Caught in an age of 2.5 years
YouTube iconPt. altum Rio Inirida WF during spawning ...

Pt. scalar Santa Isabel

Pt.Scalar Santa Isabel Offspring at the age of 4 months

Pt. altum Rio Orinoco

IMG 20181019 WA0001 k IMG 20181019 WA0002 k
Pt.altum Rio orinoco Offspring 2 years old 38 cm in hight
IMG 9273k IMG 9167k
Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ Young
at the age of 10 weeks
Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ - the proud father in the
Age of 17 months
IMG 8552k IMG 9199k
These offspring show a nice nasal kink Pt.altum Rio Orinoco offspring at the age of 6 months, optimally grown, with nice long fins

Pt. altum Wild catches from Rio Atabapo

Pt. altum Wild catches of the Rio Atabapo three years old
IMG 9610k IMG 9615k
breeding pair male
 Pt. altum Wild catches from the Rio Atabapo at the age of two years
Image00003 Image00005
These photos show a male animal Pt. altum Rio Atabapo WF at the age of 2 years.
Image00002 Image00004
These photos show a female animal Pt. altum Rio Atabapo WF at the age of 2 years.
Pt. altum Rio Atabapo 2 years old - optimally grown - these animals come from an import from Colombia:
DSC 1050k DSC 1060k
This Pt. altums of the Rio Atabapo show a high body shape, long fins and a strong kink. They have a blue print in the head and back area, with many red dots that are more and more distinctive.
IMG 7735k IMG 7739k

For further information and photos, please see the section "Exclusive ornamental fish".

In addition I recommend my Altum videos. There you will see Altums during the spawning process, different location variants of Altums as well as shots of my Schaubecken with Discusfischen and other Beifischen. Also a video of Andreas Stelzig - Altum Angel 2 - in German and English version.