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For many years I have been studying the breed of the "Hohe Segelflossler" Pt. altum.

It is a real Altum from the Rio Atabapo / Rio Inirida and the tributaries of the upper Rio Orinoco.
Fish and photos by Simon Forkel -> please call or send an  E-Mail.

Shipping is done by GO Express from Monday to Thursday within Germany or to the border with Austria, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Netherlands,

Denmark, Switzerland, for example to a GO Express station or the address of your choice (hotel ...). Thus, shipping is cost-effective and secure. Please ask for Saturday delivery.

Pickup by arrangement possible.


Discus offspring and Altum Wild Caught including offspring in the Show Tank
Pt.altum Rio inirida F1 Offspring
In an age of 8 month
New in the Hatchery: Pt.altum Rio Inirida WF redspotted
IMG 20180416 WA0003 k
This offspring is 7 months old
These Altum wild catches from the Rio inirida show many red dots and were imported from Kolumbia



Currently breeding success at Acarichthys heckelii albino:
IMG 20180311 WA0000k
These cichlids in albino variant are a rarity and can be well with Altums, scalars, discus, catfish and other cichlids from South America - sociable - if interested reserve quickly. Delivery of offspring expected in mid-June
Acarichtthys albino perch in brood care
Exclusive at Skalarezucht Pt.altum Rio atabapo red NZ for breeding:
Image00001a Image00002a
This Pt. altum WF from the Rio Atabapo was taken from Venezuela
imported, these animals show much red in the head and back area and are
absolute exceptions.
Also the F1 NZ of the Rio Atabapo red show this
This is a half-animal. More pictures are
can be seen under Pt. altum Rio Atabapo WF, as well as a video of the
Wasteful process of this extraordinary altum.
These altums are 17 months old and F2 offspring. These animals are abolute highlights which I first followed in 2012 from pure wild catch

Pt. scalar Rio Manacapuru

Breeding success at Pt. scalar Rio Manacapuru
IMG 4478k
They are real redback scalars of a pure strain! sold out
Redback Manacapuru spawning

Pt.altum Rio inirida NZ F1

These Altum offspring are almost 6 months old and swim in my breeding plant
IMG 20180121 WA0002k
 IMG 20180121 WA0003k
These altums NZ come from my kennel and swim in the show tank of Timo Kraus
IMG 20180123 WA0000k IMG 20180123 WA0001k

Pt. altum Rio Inirida WF

Current breeding success at Pt. altum Rio Inirida WF
IMG 0495k IMG 0503k
Pt.altum Rio Inirida Offspring F1 at the age of 16 weeks - The animals show a very nice slim and tall body shape as well as long fins.
Now on sale!
IMG 0494k IMG 0481k
Pt. Altum Rio Inirida WF, male animal, 2 ½ years old Pt. Altum Rio Inirida WF, female animal, 2 ½ years old
IMG 9972k IMG 9947k
IMG 9944k IMG 9943k
 IMG 0086k IMG 0121k
Day 1: Floating of the larvae
The animals were imported from Colombia and are about two years old. Delivery of the offspring with 10 cm height is expected from the middle of October 2017
Pt.altum Rio inirida Wild Caught in an age of 2.5 years
YouTube iconPt. altum Rio Inirida WF during spawning ...

Pt. scalar Santa Isabel

 Pt. scalar Santa Isabel Offspring F1
IMG 0132k IMG 0133k
IMG 9894k IMG 9905k
These F1 offspring are 8 months old, have a SW of 20 cm, the coloring in the fins and the red puncturing in the head area develops better than in the wild catches.
Pt.Scalar Santa Isabel Offspring at the age of 4 months
Pt.Scalar Santa Isabel NZ F1 at the age of 8 months

Pt. scalar Santa Isabel WF and Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ

Current breeding success - Pt. scalar Santa Isabel WF and Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ
IMG 7973k IMG 9503k
Pair has spawned, offspring are available from August in an amount of 10 cm.



Pt. altum Rio Orinoco

IMG 9273k IMG 9167k
Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ Young
at the age of 10 weeks
Pt. altum Rio Orinoco NZ - the proud father in the
Age of 17 months
IMG 8552k IMG 9199k
These offspring show a nice nasal kink Pt.altum Rio Orinoco offspring at the age of 6 months, optimally grown, with nice long fins

Pt. altum Wild catches from Rio Atabapo

Pt. altum Wild catches of the Rio Atabapo three years old
IMG 9610k IMG 9615k
breeding pair male
 Pt. altum Wild catches from the Rio Atabapo at the age of two years
Image00003 Image00005
These photos show a male animal Pt. altum Rio Atabapo WF at the age of 2 years.
Image00002 Image00004
These photos show a female animal Pt. altum Rio Atabapo WF at the age of 2 years.
Pt. altum Rio Atabapo 2 years old - optimally grown - these animals come from an import from Colombia:
DSC 1050k DSC 1060k
This Pt. altums of the Rio Atabapo show a high body shape, long fins and a strong kink. They have a blue print in the head and back area, with many red dots that are more and more distinctive.
IMG 7735k IMG 7739k


For further information and photos, please see the section "Exclusive ornamental fish".

In addition I recommend my Altum videos. There you will see Altums during the spawning process, different location variants of Altums as well as shots of my Schaubecken with Discusfischen and other Beifischen. Also a video of Andreas Stelzig - Altum Angel 2 - in German and English version.